About Me

My name is Kaisha Depusoir. I am a California, US-based, abstract artist. I create work with multiple mixed mediums, my main medium being acrylic. I have always enjoyed art and trying new things. I told myself 2020 will be my year for growth and stepping out of my comfort zone. What began as a hobby turned into a passion and now a business that I am very proud of. My vision for Niftiq Art is to create unique pieces that give my audience a special feeling. A feeling him/her want to keep for themselves and have at home forever. The goal of my artwork is to create positive vibes that entice positive emotions. My style has been described as “calming, yet powerful.” I am inspired by nature; the colors and textures found by the ocean; the greens from my garden and the different crystals within a geode.

I believe that art has the power to impact and influence human emotions and perceptions. Art can connect you to your body,mind and senses and I hope my pieces do that for you. Each piece is made with love and portrays a feeling of emotion that I felt at the time. I am excited to further my business and I am glad you are willing to take this journey with me.